Traditional Ayurvedic Internal Medicine for Modern Times

Ayurveda is an Individualized Functional Medicine. This tradition of medicine is applied to understand the disease and provide care based on unique physiological features of the individual.


Ayurvedic Naturopathy

Ayurvedic-Naturopathy blends modern and traditional therapies to treat the root cause of a disease, strengthen weakened systems, and prevent reoccurence by cultivating therapeutic diet, lifestyles, and routines that are sustainable and suitable for the inidividual.


Panchakarma is a profound and thorough detoxification protocol of traditional Ayurvedic Medicine. Panchakarma is applied to eleminate disregulating factors that promote disease and create a therapeutic experience to help your body develop health-promoting physiological and functional changes. You will have the opportunity to experience physical, mental/emotional, and spritual transformation under the guidnace and care of Dr. Anup and Amber. 

Ayurveda Therapies

At Natural Rhythms, we offer a variety of traditional ayurvedic therapies to support our clients. All of our ayurvedic body therapies use classical herbal preparations like poulitces, boluses, oils, as well as cleansing and nourishing techniques for deeper restorative and healing effect. These procedures are customized based on each individual’s needs. 

Ayurvedic Cleanse Kit

Ayurvedic cleanse is an individualized process of cleansing the body and mind. It is individually designed to bind toxins, enhansing their elimination, and supporting the metabolic system to help regenerate and optimize the body. 

Cleansing is a essential aspect of Ayurvedic longevity medicine called rasayana.

* Individual results vary. No guarantee of specific results is warranted or implied and your results will depend on many factors (full disclaimer)

Ayurvedic Cooking

Ayurvedic cooking is a sensual and intuitive process. It involves taste, touch, appearance, aroma, and emotions.

The flavors of your ingredients and foods you make indicate properties and physiological effects of those foods. So, Ayurveda uses the art of cooking and alchemy of food to make your diet your medicine.


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