My inspiration to be in the medical field began at an early age. My uncle was a pediatrician. He was responsible for my well being, since I was born very sick and struggled with health in the early part of my life.

Growing up in India, I was surrounded by Ayurvedic home remedies and ritual practices. I was fortunate to have this, but I was also ignorant of what I had. I kept my focus on my fascination with the biological sciences. I completed my undergraduate in Molecular and Cellular Biology at UCSB. This study led me to a close understanding of human physiology, its complexity and interconnectedness. It also highlighted the shortcomings of modern pharmaceuticals. 

Integrated study of Ayurveda (Kerala Ayurveda Academy) and Naturopathy (Bastyr University) made much more sense. Treating the whole system as one, honoring the interconnectedness of organs and symptoms to treat root cause, and preventing overuse of drugs and supplements seemed conducive to sustaining a wholesome human life. For 10 years, my practice has been to apply clinical wisdom in Ayurvedic medicine for management of complex, chronic diseases. My practice and my passion is the application of Ayurveda as a functional medicine for the treatment of diseases.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I get the liberty to practice a form of Ayurvedic Internal Medicine. Our practice uses classical Ayurvedic formulations and body therapies as described in the seminal texts of Sage Vagbhat, Sage Charak, Sharangdhara, and Bhavprakasha. Our hope is to introduce each one of our patrons to the power of traditional Ayurveda as an alternative to conventional medicine. 

I believe that effective medicine comes from nature. We heal by being closely attuned to our true nature.

Dr. Anup


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