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Ayurveda is designed to be individualized and accessible to all. Our ayurvedic cleanse kit honors this principle. The cleanse starts with a consultation with Dr. Anup who will perform an evaluation of your constitution and determine what is in harmony and what is imbalanced. Your cleanse kit is then designed based on the evaluation. We use customized herbal powders and traditional herbal formulas as these have long-standing, proven history of effectiveness. Our cleanse activates metabolic pathways to support digestion, eliminate toxins, and enhance energy metabolism.

This cleanse offers you the opportunity to release impurities of the body as well as any undesired emotions, thought, and lifestyle patterns. This is done through suggested reflections, and guided detoxing and restorative routines. Supporting the mind and the body together allows the toxins on all levels to be released and to ultimately enhance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experience. This integrative approach, as well as personalized design, makes this cleanse kit powerful and unique. We hope you enjoy the journey!

What is your Ayurvedic Cleanse Kit:

01. 20 minute clinical evaluation to personalize your detox.

02. Access to instructional videos: Orientation, breathing exercises, making your tea, khichadi (detoxing porridge), purging process and more.

03. Customized Detox tea: Combination of medicinal herbs designed to support your personal detox process at deeper cellular level, enlivening the metabolic system and toxin elimination.

04. Detox formulation: Supports cleansing of the liver, gallbladder, and bowels by opening the channels of elimination helping to cleanse our solid toxins.

05. Cumin Coriander Fennel tea: Supports hydration and driving out water-soluble toxins.

06. Herbal Ghee: Individually curated formulation drives detox deeper to hard to reach areas of the body where blood flow does not reach, like brain, bone marrow, and joints. This process supports the elimination of hard to cleanse fatty toxins that are often hidden deep in your tissues.

07. Virechana (Purgation) powder or oil: Supports final expulsion of toxins that have been prepared for elimination through detox supplements.

08. Customized Rasayana tea: A rejuvenating formula mixed for your specific constitution. This tea supports the hormonal system to help regulate tissue building and rejuvenative activity in the body.

09. Rejuvenative formula: A classical Ayurvedic multi-herb formulation is included to target regenerative activity in specific tissues that need support through this rejuvenating process. This may include heart, kidneys, liver, musculoskeletal system, nervous system and immune system.

You can add on either or both of the following to make the most of your cleanse:

01. Khichadi Detox Recipe Makings: Includes khichadi preparation instructions, khichadi spice mix, basmati rice, and washed moong dal beans. Khichadi is a traditional ayurvedic detox food to keep your diet light and easy on the metabolic system. This allows your metabolic processes to focus on elimination and cleansing

02. Body Oleation: Includes personalized massage and enema oil, enema kit, self-massage guidance. Body and oil therapies are a highly beneficial and recommended to make the most of your cleansing journey. External oil massage allows for nourishment of the skin and also mobilization of the lymphatic system. This cleanses and nourishes the immune system to improve resilience. Internal oil application through enema is a uniquely Ayurvedic process to nourish the pelvic organs and lower chakras to help grown the energy system and nourish the vital force. Oil enemas also support healthy colon flora and support health of the digestive system.

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