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Service descriptions

20-min free consultation (for new clients)

In this short complementary appointment, you will have the opportunity to share with Dr. Anup your health concerns, learn about Ayurvedic-Naturopathy may be able to support you in your pursuit to health and wellness… as well as ask any other questions. (This is not a clinical consultation)

Ayurvedic-Naturopathy First Visit

Ayurvedic-Naturopathy distinguishes itself from conventional medicine by emphasizing on least-invasive treatment. These include: herbal tablets and tonics, personalized diet and daily routines, counseling, spiritual practices, and body therapies. Interventions are geared to optimize body’s natural capacity to heal and maintain balance, as well as help individuals experience deeper parts of the Self. Individuals often find these interventions gentle yet powerful.

Ayurvedic-Naturopathy offers a path beyond health and into wellness. The combination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support with daily routines makes a powerful resource for personal cultivation of the strength and insight to overcome your personal challenges and experience your life more fully.

Ayurvedic-Naturopathy Follow-up

Follow-up visits can build on this protocol to help you cultivate more lasting change to support your health. These consist of understanding your current lifestyle, time-related and financial constraints, as well as personal values. These become the guard-rails for develop your Ayurvedic program for healing and transformation.

Additionally, if there are mental, emotional, and spiritual concerns related to present illness, we begin addressing these on follow-up visits. Dr. Anup provides support through emotional counseling, breathing practices, meditation techniques, and mantras best suited for the client’s desired outcome. Here, the guiding doctrine in to help become self-sufficient and empowered to face challenges, let go what no longer serves, and cultivate self-efficacy.

Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Massage)

Abhyanga therapy gives you a full body therapeutic benefit of nourishing, soothing, or detoxing effect of herbal oil. It is an excellent therapy for full-body lymphatic drainage. Additional, sweat can be added with detoxing and relaxing treatments. Read more about Ayurvedic Abhyanga CLICK HERE

Shirodhara (Ayurvedic Bliss)

Dhara therapies are done by applying a steady stream of medicinal preparation of oil, milk, or buttermilk over the forehead. It is deeply calming to the nervous system; hence it is dubbed the “bliss therapy of Ayurveda.” Dhara therapies also have restorative effect on the hormonal and immune system.

Telemedicine Visit

Telemedicine visits are available if you are unwell or unable to visit us in person… These visits are for established clients, intending to follow-up with Dr. Anup for continuation of care.

First appointments are ideally conducted in person because this allows Dr. Anup to perform an in-depth evaluation. If you are not able to visit us in-person for your first visit, please notify use in Appointment notes.

Problem-focused Visit

Short visits for focused treatment of non-complicated issues like cough, cold, stomach-flu, general flu, etc. In some cases, this visit is booked for evaluations to provide Medical Marijuana Authorizations. 

These visits can be taken in-person or remotely as per your request.

Insurance & Payments

Insurance Coverage

We accept the following insurances:

  • Regence,
  • Premera,
  • BlueCross/BlueShield
  • Anthem
  • First Choice Health
  • Lifewise
  • Aetna
  • Kaiser Permanente Access PPO
  • Ambetter by Coordinated Care. 

Out of Pocket Cost


11229 NE Roosevelt Way Seattle, 98125



There is free, un-timed parking on the street. Also, there is a paid parking lot right across the street. Please, take a look at the video below for visual guidance.


Closes bus stop 1 block West Meridian Ave. on 45th street, You will be dropped off by the Wallingford Center/Wallingford QFC bus stop. Bus number 44 and 62 will drop you closest to the clinic.

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