Traditional ayurvedic body therapies are available as part of the medicinal care offered by Dr. Anup. There are many therapies that can be beneficial for a variety of conditions.  Dr. Anup can work with you to select the body therapies that are most appropriate for you. Below are a few examples of our most popular therapies.


Dr. Anup


Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Massage)

Abhyanga is a therapeutic massage tailored to meet the needs of the client. Abhyanga is a medicinal massage because of the classical herbal oil formulation chosen by the therapist based on the desired effect of the client. The oils easily penetrate to skin to provide relaxation, nourishment, and detoxification.

Full-body abhyanga is the most commonly recommended therapy to give you a full body therapeutic benefit of nourshing, soothing, or detoxing effect of herbal oil. It is an excellent therapy for full-body lymphatic drainage. Additional, sweat can be added with detoxing and relaxing treatments.

Price: $155

Price with Herbal steam: $200

Dhara (Flow Therapy)

Dhara therapies are done by applying a steady stream of medicinal preparation of oil, milk, or buttermilk over the forehead. It is deeply calming to the nervous system; hence it is dubbed the “bliss therapy of Ayurveda.” Dhara therapies also have restorative effect on the hormonal and immune system.

Shirodhara:  Shirodhara is done by applying a steady stream of medicinal oil over the center of the forehead. It has a deeply nourishing effect on the pineal gland, supporting production of melotonin and serotonin, making it a very supportive therapy for healthy sleep and energy cycles and in overcoming adrenal fatigue. It further has restorative effect on the pituitary to balance adrenal hormones and regulate body function.

Treatments are performed over 3 consecutive days or 1 day per week over 3 consecutive weeks.

3 Treatments Package: $585

Kati Basti

In this master therapy a large volume of oil is held in the location of injury to promote restorative and healing changes. For external applications, a bowl of Urad lentil flour is created to hold 200-300ml of oil over injured areas. Treatment areas include: neck, upper-, middle-, or low-back, knees, the heart, and more. 

This large volume of warm herbal oil deeply penetrates tissues to provide cleansing, anti-inflammatory, regenerative, and restorative effects of the local musculoskeletal tissues. When applied over the back and heart area, it also opens and nourishes the local chakra. The effect on the chakras can provide aid in balancing hormonal, neurological, and psychological aspects associated with the corresponding chakra.

Kati Basti Treatments are performed over 3 consecutive days or 1 day per week over 3 consecutive weeks.

Try a Combination therapy: Kati (low-back) basti can be combined with Shirodhara to stimulate and support the root and the crown chakras, respectively. This gives beneficial effects to reduce anxiety, emotional blocks, spiritual and nervous system rejuvenation.

 3 Kati Basti Package: $450

 3 Kati Basti/Shirodhara combo: $1015

3 Day of Ayurvedic Rejuvenation

Combination of Abhyanga massage/sweat therapy, Kati Basti, and Shirodhara can be performed together over 3 consecutive days or 3 days over 3 consecutive weeks. 

Treat yourself to this Ayurvedic experience designed to restore the body, mind, and soul. Each day, oil massage is performed first to begin the process of awakening the body and stimulating drainage. This is followed by herbal-steam sweat therapy to give a cleansing effect on the body that makes you feel lighter and more present in the body. Kati Basti therapy is performed over the lower back to provide an opening and nourishing benefit to the lower 2 chakras, pelvic organs, kidneys, sympathetic nervous system, and the lower back. This helps the individual feel more grounded and rooted in the body. It also helps to release fear, stress, and tension associated with the sympathetic (fight-flight) nervous system. Finally, the shirodhara therapy is performed to open, awaken, and stimulate the upper 2 chakras of the crown and third-eye. This therapy helps to stimulate and restore hormonal function through the pineal, pituitary, hypothalamic glands; as well as calm the overactive thinking and processing system (frontal lobe) of the brain. In turn, Shirodhara gives support to the intuitive and spiritual nature of the mind.  

Request a consult to design your rejuvination — 20mins-free consultation with Dr. Anup available at our offices in Seattle and Santa Barbara

 Package price: $1450

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