Early Signs for Disease

Dis-ease is caused by dysregulation or malfunction of what is otherwise normal physiological activity. People may begin to perceive this as simple experiences of fatigue, indigestion, gas/bloating, disturbed sleep, physical restlessness. In the beginning these are very subtle conditions. They come and go without a peculiar pattern or cause. They don’t necessarily stop us from our daily activity, but they effectively slow us down. They cause our behaviors to change in order to compensate for the slowing down. They may also cause our mood to change in response to the frustration or irritation caused by the loss of efficiency.

We may notice real trouble when symptoms become more and more persistent. They become more disturbing and harder to ignore. Often cause some limitation to our daily functions and activity. Even then, most people avoid the visit to a doctor. They believe things will just pass and they will feel better. Overtime many experiences that time it take to recover is getting longer or the time in between discomfort is getting shorter. We call it aging or blame our work or lack of time to take care of ourselves to the worsening. Or, we just continue to ignore and believe that it will fix itself.

Often, I see people when they are well past early stages of illness. They are struggling and their body/mind refuses to cooperate anymore. They either cannot function or have lost significant function and health. Many come after they have gone the medical route and/or conventional naturopathic route. They have tried a dozen things; they are on a dozen medications or supplements from those dozen things. They are confused, impatient, distressed, and desperate. To be honest, it is not the most pleasant place to meet people.

If you find yourself here, I understand. People at this stage just want answers and effective remedies. They want to be able to count on their body, their mind, to function effectively. They want feel themselves again or they want their life back and they want themselves back.

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