October 2020

Ayurvedic Fall Rejuvenation

Through the summer there is an increase in qualities of heat, dryness, lightness, movement, change, expansion etc. in our body system. These qualities tend to cause an aggravation of the Pitta (fire+water) and Vata (air+space) towards the end of summer. Often by the end of summer, we are a bit more exhausted, ready to slow down, and wanting a restorative routine and rhythm to return our life.

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Lodhra: For PCOS and More

The hallmark symptoms PCOS show very definitive indication of Kapha and Pitta aggravations. Actions of Lodhra provide both functional and symptomatic relief in this condition. Combining Lodhra with other ayurvedic herbs, provides powerful tool for individualizing treatment of such Kapha-pitta aggravations.

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