Ayurveda for Disease Management

Ayurveda is a Nature-based functional medicine that has been practiced for over 5000 years. As nature-based functional medicine, Ayurveda specializes in optimizing the natural pathways in the body to improve their function, this translates to reversal of degenerative processes, enhancement of healing processes, reduction of symptoms and ultimately a holistic healing experience. Thus, with Ayurveda, disease management is a process of health cultivation.


Ayurveda is committed to the deepest experience of holistic healing. At Natural Rhythms, our starting place for practicing internal medicine is by understanding the individual holistically and functionally. We look at how a person’s whole body works through assessments including constitutional analysis, physical exam, Ayurvedic pulse and tongue diagnosis, and psycho-emotional-spiritual assessment. Based on these comprehensive analyses we prescribe treatments that are attuned to each person’s current needs.


To address all the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual needs of the individual Ayurveda offers a variety of tools: individually-tailored herbal formulas and body therapies that address deep root causes of physical illnesses. While many conventional medical care models stop at symptom reduction, Ayurveda also includes mental and spiritual counseling to help our patients overcome the effects of stressful circumstances, traumatic life experiences, and distress related to living with a chronic disease. 


The goal of Ayurveda is to minimize the need for medicines by making your life, diet, and daily routines into therapeutic practices. We treat diseases not by following generic disease-based protocols, but by optimizing each person’s healthy functions through individually tailored treatment plans. The individual’s unique constitution is paramount in Ayurveda because no two disease pathways are exactly aliketherefore no two Ayurvedic treatments are exactly alike. 


Sustained health comes from sustainable self-care. To equip you with a treatment plan that is realistic for your lifestyle, we take particular care to understand your desires, time limitations, resources, and circumstances to give you viable solutions. We take the time to problem-solve potential treatment barriers to help you maximize your success and optimize your health. 


Our commitment to nature-based functional solutions means that we are invested in patient relationships: we see our patients not merely as clients but as essential members of our global community. Patients who choose to adopt Ayurvedic treatments and lifestyles are joining us in an ancient, time-tested tradition of wellness. 

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