New Years Message (2024): Opening Windows

Opening windows…. By Amber West


As a healer, the first step to helping someone is to get a sense of their core, the heart of their inner self.  From there listening to understand the blockages they experience and having a curiosity as to why they are arising at this time. Often, as the person experiencing the challenges it can feel like we’re standing in a closed room with no windows or doors.  Usually, this is a misperception arising from some sort of trauma. (Trauma being any experience that obscures our sense of our inner core.)  The job of the healer is to point to the windows and doors and maybe even unlock them.  When the conditions are right – time, mentality, emotionality and spirituality – the person can open them to get some fresh air.  “Fresh air” can be the equal of expanding one’s consciousness, the gateway to inner freedom and peace, or simply a new way of reflecting on the challenges faced.

In the system of acupuncture there are actually a special set of points collectively referred to as “windows.”  We are taught in school that for these points to be really effective they need to be activated in special moments  and to be used with caution.  In more advanced studies of esoteric acupuncture, these points can be regularly accessed to help quickly clear and organize one’s entire energetic system, making for easy access to one’s inner core. When the inner core is in clear perception it is much easier to know who you are and what your purpose is. Knowing this can be a helpful asset when navigating life’s challenges.

As I’ve applied my energetic experience and knowledge through the ayurvedic body therapies, I’ve noticed this – the true key to opening windows is the mind itself.  The very thing doing the trapping is the key to freedom.  But it needs a catalyst… because the mind cannot perceive two different states at the same time.  That catalyst can really be anything.. an honest conversation with a friend, an insight from a mentor, a healing modality, etc.  The list is endless.  The habits of the person will usually shape the path one takes to open their windows of opportunity.  If the mind is habituated with fear, negativity, and skepticism, then darkness may linger for some time.  On the other hand if the mind is habituated with love, open mindedness, and curiosity, then it is usually very quick for the person to open to new opportunities.

I think it’s important to not shrug off suffering.  Suffering has its purpose and also shouldn’t be prolonged if possible.  But I think it’s also important to be spacious with whatever the experience is and look not only at the source of pain, but also where the windows are…. because they are always there.


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